4th platoon, 1971.

We arrived in country between the summer of 1970 and early in 1971. Some of us went on to other units for the last half of 1971. Some of us came with a buddy, most of us came as individuals. We went home the same way. Only a few of us stayed in touch with each other over the years. Most of us went about our lives after Nam and left Vietnam behind...we thought. It was always there. We started getting back together in 2003. We've all grown older, and maybe wiser, but the memories of those months still remain. The pictures on these pages help with that. Credit for the pictures goes to almost everyone.

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In Memory

    KIA in country                                                                                                                          

Mark Hailey (August 5, 1970)

Ronald Herd (August 5, 1970)

Billy Joe McNett (November 12, 1970)

David Nudenbert (November 12, 1970)

David Tomas (August 5, 1970)

    Since Vietnam

Paul Ashley (September 10, 2000)                     

Theodore Banks (February 4, 1997)                  

Darrel Fuhs (April 26, 2003)                              

Robert Kirwan (November 15, 1992)                    

Kenneth Kroeger (December 29, 1993)                

Jackie McCullough (July 1986)                        

Dan Rodrock (date undetermined)                     

Dana Turmelle (April 9, 2000)                             

Eli Williams 'Doc' (March 6, 1992)   

Lonnie Johnson (August, 22, 2012)

Charlie Sauer (December, 16, 2012)

Jack Schmidt (June 23, 2015)

Willie Solomon (August, 2016)

Still kickin'


Carl Beard                John Beaupre

David Bruski              Pat Byrne

Ken Cameron           Roger Covington

Slater Davis              Terry Dickson

Dale Doege               Gary Dolen

Tom Duran                Nick Evans

Tim Frater                 Mike   Gatewood

Carl Groseclose        Dale Hill 

David Myers              David Olender

Ken Sciford               Roy Stokes

Kent Swanson          Freddy Velez

Vince Varel               Gene Wroble




Still Looking for

Henry Rader

Cardell Williams