Date: 08/24/2017

By: Michael "Doc" Burnes

Subject: Referred to this site

I also knew Carl "Boo" Grosclose and Pat Byrne when they were reassigned to 3rd Plt A Co 4/3 11th Bde of which I was assigned to as a medic....Doc Burnes

Date: 08/24/2017

By: Michael "Doc" Burnes

Subject: Slater's reference to this web site

I was a medic with 3rd Plt A Co 4/3 11th Bde 23rd Inf Div (Americal). I joined the platoon in Khe Sahn the end of March of 71, so Lt Montgomery told me, at the end of Lam Son 719/Dewey Canyon II. But I did associate with men from 4th Plt B Co as they were assigned to 3rd Plt A Co later on. Lonnie "Flash" Johnson was in 3rd Plt while I was the medic there...Doc Burnes

Date: 07/15/2017



i was in duc pho from oct 70 to 71 i was in charlie co. 4th 21st 4 platoon and in delta companytoo iam serrano doc medic of those platoon antonio quiles i think he was in bravo co. he dead in the bush vietnam welcome home all the brothers

Date: 05/25/2017

By: Michael Mobbs

Subject: SJH

I was with B 1st ptl 4/3 11th on SJH JAN. 1970 to Dec 1970.
These pictures make it possible for my grand sons to see where I served.

Date: 05/27/2017

By: Slater Davis

Subject: Re: SJH

Hi Michael, Glad you found our website and enjoyed it. Sharing our Vietnam experience with family can be a difficult, but freeing experience. I am glad you are sharing your story with your grandsons. I am sure they have gained a greater respect for you because of that.
Welcome Home brother.
Slater Davis

Date: 02/22/2017

By: Kieran Rizzotti

Subject: 349 days brought me here

My wife bought me Slaters book as a Christmas present of last year 2016. I read it and It hit me quite hard. I
really don't know how you all got through the Vietnam experience, and as a married man myself I could only imagine how hard it was to leave all of that behind to go to a far away place and serve your country.
Much respect to you all.

Kieran (29) from the UK

Date: 02/02/2017

By: Rick

Subject: Read your book, 349 Days

Enjoyed your book. I was with a combat engineer company in 1969 that kept Hwy 1 open from LZ Max to just about Duc Pho. Then the road was still dirt and full of holes. Continually repaired bridges and culverts that were blown as soon as we repaired them. Talk about insanity. Worked many times with Americal 11Bs.
Glad the members in your book all returned home safely.

Date: 12/27/2016

By: Cytat


Best Regards,

Date: 09/13/2016

By: H. Martin Christian

Subject: Americal

Ya'll have a great website. I enjoyed my visit. Great pics. I did most of my tour with 1/7 Cav/ First Cavalry Division (Airmobile). The 3rd Brigade of the Cavalry including my 1/7 were moved up from the north central highlands working out of An Khe to LZ Baldy in October of 1967 to help jump-start the Americal Division. I did my last two months in country there working out of Baldy. Anyway, glad you all made it back, and again great web site.

Date: 07/07/2016

By: Charlotte Duran Crawford

Subject: Thanks to ALL of you

First let me say - "Welcome Home" - to all you Vietnam Vets. 3 of my 4 brothers served in Vietnam and my twin brother is Tom Duran, who is mentioned in "349 Days." I immediately ordered the book from Amazon when Tommy told me about it and I read it within 3 days of receiving it. It was an emotional read for me and I had many emotions reading Slater's account. I am grateful that he shared his story so that I could have a better appreciation of what you Vietnam veterans went through. Through Slater's experiences, I was able to get a better understanding of what my brothers went through, and as a result it made me feel closer to them. Thank you Slater! Although it is nothing to compared to what you all went through, I am doing what I can now to be supportive in the American Legion Auxiliary. The Auxiliary has a variety of activities in support of veterans and their families. YOU are the reason I am involved. Thank YOU for your service!

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